Summer Show

Robyn Nolan 'Five' mixed media on paper 104x80cm framed $1200 Robyn Nolan 'You Came With Hundreds of Jacarandas' mixed media on canvas 140x170cm $5000 Robyn Nolan 'Gorge Walk' mixed media on canvas 80x240cm $3300 Ghasan Saaid 'Lure' acrylic on canvas 101x167cm $5300 Lyn Harrison 'While She Slept It Happened' acrylic on canvas 60x60cm $1200  Lyn Harrison They Came Bearing Gifts For The Boatman'  acrylic on canvas 100x100cm $3000 Lyn Harrison 'A Green Dress Floating' acrylic on canvas 60x60cm $1200 thumbnail Anne Penman Sweet 'The Carrier' oil on canvas 180x150 $9200 Anne Penman Sweet 'Papavere' mixed media on paper 49.5x60cm framed Anne Penman Sweet 'Quay' oil on canvas 200x130cm $9750 Ingrid Haydon 'Summer Harbour' oil on canvas 92x122cm $4000 Ingrid Haydon 'Montmartre I' oil on canvas 74.5x59.5cm framed $2650 Ingrid Haydon 'Montmartre II' oil on canvas 61.x45.5cm $2500 Denise Campbell 'Winding Way' acrylic on canvas 120x100cm $3600 Denise Campbell 'Through Red Sands' oil stick on french handmade paper 132.5x95.5cm framed  $2950 Alan Healy 'Sisters' acrylic  on canvas 111x111cm Alan Healy 'The New Hat' mixed media on canvas 51x139cm $1900 Alan Healy 'Camden Cows' mixed media on board 44.5x65cm $1500 Alan Healy 'Two Cows & Moon' mixed media on board 44.5x65cm $1500 John Ellison'French Doors' acrylic on canvas 89x71cm $2500 John Ellison 'Flowers & Eric Sati' watercolour on paper 61.5x48.5cm framed $850 Pam Sackville 'Hippeastrum' watercolour on paper 125x93cm framed $3500 Pam Sackville 'Hippeastrum' watercolour on paper 93x125cm framed $3500 Vanessa Ashcroft 'On Top of the World' oil on canvas 60x60cm $1100 Vanessa Ashcroft 'Solitude, awaiting the storm' oil on canvas 60x60cm $1100 Vanessa Ashcroft 'A Quiet Moment Alone' oil on canvas 60x60cm $1100 Vanessa Ashcroft 'Across the Bay from my Window' oil on canvas 61x61cm $1100 Ian Jones 'untitled II' mixed media on paper 42x50cm framed $850 Ian Jones 'untitled VI' mixed media on paper 40x40cm framed $650 Ian Jones 'untitled I' mixed media on paper 36x46cm framed $850 Dianne McLean 'Layers' oil on canvas 77x102cm $1700 Tara Lilburne 'Hidden' acrylic on canvas 45.5x45.5cm $500 John Ellison 'Dantes Lane' acrylic on canvas 117x117cm $3500 Pam Hourani 'Figures' mixed media on paper 117x89cm framed $1000 Jose de Koster 'Blue Mountains Powerful Silences' oil on canvas 150x110cm $5000 Letting the Growler Out' ink on paper 44x36.5cm framed $480 Ruth le Cheminant 'Flower Deflower' thumbnail thumbnail Ghasan Saaid 'Release' acrylic on board 122x122cm $5300 Norma Ross 'The Fish Shop Cafe' acrylic on paper 77x57cm $850