Tricia Oktober

Tricia Oktober

Floressence   May 13 – May 22

Opening Saturday May 14  2.00pm-4.00pm


Tricia Oktober passionately paints and gardens in Katoomba, NSW and finds inspiration from the many plants and flowers she collects.

She has had solo exhibitions in Europe, America, Canada and Australia and has participated in many group exhibitions for many years both in Australia and overseas including The Quebec Summer Festival and the Botanic Gardens Sydney “Botanica”.

Tricia is the author and illustrator of 25 books for children mostly on the environment and Australian fauna and flora, which have received the Royal Zoological Whitley award six times for outstanding publications, as well as environmental awards and a lifetime achievement award from the Wilderness Society in 2004.

Tricia and her beautiful garden featured on Gardening Australia in 2020

Check out Tricia on Gardening Australia  here

Tricia Oktober painting ceramic pots
'Flower-Patterns'-acrylic-on-canvas-30x30cm-$880 SOLD
Tricia Oktober still Life with French Coffee Pot
Tricia Oktober painting Lilium Red Morning
Lilium 'Red-Morning' acrylic on canvas 50 x 50cm $950 SOLD
Tricia Oktober Portrait of a Garden Friend
The-Collector---Portrait-of-a-Garden-Friend---oil-on-canvas-51x61cm- $1000 SOLD
Tricia Oktober painting 'Pages from a Diary'
Tricia Oktober painting 'Autumn Still Life' acrylic on canvas 61x73cm
'Autumn Still Life' acrylic on canvas 61x73cm $2000
Tricia Oktober still life painting with white lilies
Tricia Oktober still life painting with banksias
Banksias-Old-and-New--acrylic-on-canvas-50.9-x-40-cm-$990 SOLD
Tricia Oktober still life painting with banksias
'Old-Seasons-Banksias'-acrylic-on-canvas-46-x-35cm-$950 SOLD
Tricia Oktober painting Lost Spring
'Lost-Spring-2020'--acrylic-on-canvas-76-x-61cm-$2000 SOLD
Tricia Oktober painting 'The Gift'
Tricia Oktober painting still life with crinum lilies
'Quinces,-Crinum-Lilies-and-Little-Lizard' acrylic on canvas-76-x-61cm-$2000
Tricia Oktober Painting' Pomegranates'
Tricia Oktober painting 'Blue Bowl'
Tricia Oktober surreal painting Playthings of the Wind
Tricia Oktober painting 4 Pots from Potters Fair
Tricia Oktober painting 'Pot Plant'
'Pot-Plant' acrylic-on-canvas-50.9-x-40-$990
Tricia Oktober painting colourful still life with hakea pods
Tricia Oktober painting 'Winter Hydrangeas'
Tricia Oktober painting with Windflowers
Double-Windflowers-acrylic-on-canvas-46-x-35cm-$950 SOLD
Tricia Oktober painting 'Winter Hydrangeas'
Tricia Oktober painting Bodies in Garden
Tricia Oktober painting Antique Tea Pot with Native Seed Pods
'Antique-Tea-Pot-and-Native-Seed-Pods'-acrylic-on-canvas-30.x30cm-$880 SOLD
Tricia Oktober painting a still life with old ink pot
'Dwarf-Banksias-in-Old-Ink-Pot'.-acrylic-on-canvas-30x30cm-$880 SOLD