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Book Launch

Sunday 20th October

Craig Stanton   Mountain Deviltry

Book Launch Craig Stanton Mountain Deviltry

Chilling Book Launch

Local author and bookseller Craig Stanton has written a collection of scary tales based in the Blue Mountains, published by MoshPit Publishing. The book is entitled Mountain Deviltry and weaves fictional stories of ghostly events and horrible happenings in the region, mixing creeping horror with a strong dose of humour. An early response by one reader observed that “it really shows the mindset of the long-term ‘Mountains residents as opposed to the temporary or recent arrivals”.

Craig was born in Katoomba and has lived here on-and-off during most of his life, including the last 12 years, working to source and sell books, mainly of the second-hand variety. He has a Master’s degree in Creative Writing from the Sydney University of Technology and this is his second published story collection – also through MoshPit Publishing of Hazelbrook – the first being an e-book entitled Love Songs & Other Weirdness. His work has been published in other forums including the University of Newcastle’s SWAMP Anthology and the Occult Detective Quarterly magazine. He also works in the comics field, having written for the Swiss-based comic series “Yuggoth Rising” and is currently at work on an upcoming journal entitled “The Black Pilgrimage”.

The launch of this short fiction collection will take place at the gallery on the 20th of October starting at 3.00pm. There will be readings of some of Craig’s work along with some informal discussion and there will be limited quantity of the new book available for sale.